Hell No…… Not on my Watch

Dr Richard Sauder, after spending 100 days incarcerated earlier this year for climbing the fence and peacefully protesting atop a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota – (the third time Dr Sauder has registered a protest in this fashion) appears on the Veritas Radio show, hosted by Mel Fabregas. Some of the area’s covered in the first hour of a three-hour interview are as follows:

Personal Protest (Direct Action, Heroic Acts) – Prison Industrial Complex – Gang Warfare – Substance Abuse – The Lost Generation – Organized Crime – Socio-Economic Stratification – Hyper-Violent Society – Living in a Police State – Strategic State Warfare – Nuclear War – Religious Stereotyping – Beyond Orwell’s 1984 – Mind Control & Propaganda – Counter Intelligence Programs

The Richard Sauder Briefing (an accidental book) was first published in German, and is a compact 84 page work. It is the distillation of three decades worth of Sauder’s insatiable curiosity for hunting down data, from trawling the stacks, to roaming the planet, in search of answers to questions that most simply do not seek…

The crux of the book focuses on the way populations world wide have been “massively lied to” by their governments, religious institutions and academia. Sauder states that this is not a new phenomena – going on not merely for decades or centuries but rather for thousands of years. Beyond the Egyptian & Sumerian eras to perhaps pre-Atlantean times…. Humanity enslaved by a many-headed hydra, orchestrating sophisticated forms of mind control from cradle to grave, generation after generation. So pervasive are the lies, that almost all do not see them. “Everything that you believe you know… is false, all of it is a lie” – Akin to the way that reality is depicted in the 1999 movie The Matrix –

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

Using this premise as the departure point for the book, Sauder proceeds to lay out a list of the culturally sanctioned lies, illusions and deceptions that we have been embedded within since birth. (see chapter headings in above graphic) Hoping that the concise nature of the book will facilitate the reader to quickly assimilate the data, “come up to speed” and perhaps experience a series of “Eureka!” moments – and subsequently adjust their consciousness, towards a saner, wiser world…

Recognizing that “talk is cheap, and we have had enough of it – Blah blab, blah blah blah…. ” in a placid, subservient populace. Sauder supports and encourages a White Rose approach, the cultivation of a fearless, courageous personal attitude. It is time to develop a positive network – increase one’s knowledge base -“don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me what you are going to do… The time for blogging is over, it’s time for direct action – it’s time to man up / woman up – and if not then prepare to be a slave. If you want to be free you have to do something

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Timewave Dynamics

It is one of Times strangest tales, and has been told in various books, articles and blogs, as well as being discussed in spellbinding talks & radio interviews by it’s author – Terence McKenna (1946-2000) – when he was still with us. So I will not go into the extended details and finer points, that can be mined from many sources online and off.

Instead after a brief outline, I would like to share the feeling that what “The Timewave” represents is a unique historical marker – akin to the discovery of the alien monolith, intentionally buried beneath the surface of the moon. (featured in Arthur C. Clarke & Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece 2001) – And the importance it signifies as we rapidly approach the Eschaton it predicts in a little over 780 days.

While many unfamiliar with McKenna’s output will have no problem dismissing the Timewave as merely the ungrounded ramblings of a stoned freak channeling assorted fungi – the reality is quite different. Terence was an independent explorer surfing the edges of many disciplines, a truly great mind and revolutionary thinker.

The Timewave in essence is a formal scientific model of time, based on sophisticated and elegant mathematics. A cultural artifact that in the mid 1970’s Terence teased out of the oldest known book in the world, the I-Ching, which is in fact a 384 day lunar calendar that was birthed in pre-Han China over 4,000 years ago. It is like a hidden language woven through the world, as transparent as the air we breath. It represents the fractal topology and deep structure, that is the matrix of the dao.

Western science from the time of Sir Issac Newton, has defined time as “pure duration” an abstraction, featureless, linear, unchanging in nature – “all time is the same” – However, the Timewave regards time as being a dynamic flow between two qualities (habit & novelty) thus producing a version of time that has contours, shape, flux and above all variation.

Terence thought that there are two main features that have in effect been overlooked by steady state science when it describes the nature of time. The first being that, as time proceeds there is an “increase in complexity” – The second feature being that “the rate of change” of the complexity is also increasing. (The language of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy is evoked to describe aspects of the theory)

These two features, at first appear trivial, perhaps even obvious, however when viewed at expanded resolution, they reveal what is now regarded as mainstream (recalling that it is over three decades since the Timewave was first unfolded with the publication of the Invisible Landscape) – Moore’s law – Kurtzweil’s singularity – an asymptotic curve that leads to a vertical straight line in the immediate near-term future….

“I’ve been talking about it since 1971, and what’s interesting to me is at the beginning, it was material for hospitalization, now it is a minority viewpoint and everything is on schedule. My career is on schedule, the evolution of cybernetic technology is on schedule, the evolution of a global information network is on schedule. I think we’ll arrive under budget, on time, December 21, 2012” – TM 1994

Terence’s discovery of the Timewave, is a radical challenge to the scientific & philosophical order that for many centuries has confined the scholastic enterprise, restricting and regulating the notion of how the world works, and is put together – The Timewave is an uninvited, and unwelcome visitor disrupting the meticulously arranged seating at a corporate event.

We are told that once upon a time, people believed the Earth was flat, that the Earth was the center of the Universe, that some Omnipresent entity had created the Universe in six days…. All these memes were the result of careful cultural programing – the word-smith as magician – a most powerful author. Terence believed that we are far more imprisoned by cultural & linguistic convention than by any physical law – Noting that the standard description of time, represents the largest structure that currently binds usa temporal mirage.

So as we complete the final orbits that will deliver the winter solstice of 2012, remember that a youthful butterfly collector, living in a wooden shack on the banks of a languid river, deep in the Amazon, surrounded by graph paper, curiosity and the timeless plant allies – Unveiled a mystery, a secret, a magical idea revealed that will recast the imagination for future generations.

Terence never articulated “what” would happen as the wave reached maximum novelty, only that “when” the moment arrives it would be an undeniable experience – The focus of global consciousness will be singular in nature, the planetary nervous-system resonating a unitary harmonic – all points are simultaneously connected, there will be no doubt, no argument, no turning back.

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What are they afraid of? – Dr Vallee

As the weekend faded, listeners of late night radio had a rare opportunity to hear Dr Jacques Vallee on Coast to Coast Am, hosted by George Knapp. Vallee now 71 has publicly kept a reasonably low profile during the last 2 decades, preferring to remain in stealth mode, making infrequent media appearances. (although writing the odd article for boing boing) However – he has co-authored a new book, Wonders in the Sky with Chris Aubeck, so tonight’s show afforded Vallee the chance to discuss a selection of fascinatingly beautiful cases from the book, and for the audience to ponder the thoughts of ufology’s most influential deep thinker.

The book is the result of 6 years of work, the merging of databases and collaboration of a global network of scholars studiously tracking down original source material. In many ways it is the perfect companion to Passport to Magonia (1969) a journey through time, transporting the reader to Egyptian, Chinese, and European locations, a compendium of 500 carefully selected official reports that have passed through history, from antiquity until the industrial revolution. (Almost all with dates, times, places and witness names – although there is also a public call for further data)

Vallee hopes that the book will act as a catalyst for a new generation of librarians, scholars, sociologists, and historians to dig into museum records, newspaper archives and private collections, untouched dusty manuscripts and correspondence, in order to accumulate more data. Recognizing the language filter, he wishes to enlist the energy and scholarship of Asian and Indigenous speaking researchers to contribute to the building of an unparalleled long-term knowledge base. An independent Vallee-sphere would indeed be a valuable and noble legacy…….

The first part of the book is a chronology, laid out a Century at a time. It covers the Pharaoh Akhenaten’s 1347 BC encounter, and subsequent forming of the solar disc religion. (engraved in stone for the future) The consort of Rome demanding annual
reports of any unusual activity seen in the sky. (Omens and portents) A report by a Chinese poet from 1277, describes a classic ufo sighting, 5 lights under the craft, the domed top, the zig zag falling leaf motion, the author concluding “I have no reasonable explanation

There is the account of Michelangelo (1475 –1564) witnessing a flying triangle, which he subsequently painted, unfortunately this work is now lost, the report however is not and comes to us via the art historical world. Arriving at the 17th Century and the European Enlightenment, the witness reports are now coming from scientific heavyweights including Giovanni Domenico Cassini (1625 – 1712) – Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736 – 1813) – Charles Messier (1730 – 1817) – François Jean Dominique Arago (1786 – 1853) – Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier (1811 – 1877) – A time of forward thinking and open scientific inquiry, crossing disciplines, language barriers and continents.

Vallee’s quest has for 50 years straddled the worlds of spirituality and science, chronicled in his personal journals (currently 2 volumes) Forbidden Science. After extracting the patterns in the historic and contemporary reports, studying and recognizing the information characteristics which reveal a control system; that comes in waves, presents as a form of consciousness with subtlety, intelligence, great humor and completely ruthless – It is obvious that there is no simple explanation about what the phenomena represents.

This has not stopped Vallee and a cadre of like-minded scientists and researchers moving towards defining a model of the technology involved – “that can come from anywhere, anytime” – in ways we do not at present (and perhaps never will) understand. The solution suggested (like imaginary numbers) requires going up a level and taking a wider view. Although the work is never finished, “the pleasure is bringing a few stones to the edifice

Vallee again reminds the listeners that today, unlike during the Enlightenment the academic community has “fallen to a terrible level of arrogance” continuing to ridicule ufology – “they have not even looked at the data, they have ignored the robust evidence and facts, thus missed the point that: Alien contact maybe mankind’s oldest story, the greatest mystery…. “What are they afraid of……?”

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Applied Con-fusion

Last month the most powerful laser in the world located at the National Ignition Facility (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) was tested. The integrated ignition experiment represents a step along the way to it’s ultimate goal of commercial inertial fusion. The 192 lasers delivered a burst of 1 megajoules of energy on the cryogenically layered target capsule containing tritium, hydrogen and deuterium – although this was the highest energy yet achieved, it was still short of the energy required for ignition, this we are advised will happen around 2012.

In Japan the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) established 21 years ago, is also part of the worldwide quest for future energy with their Large Helical Device (a super-conducting heliotron stellarator) and JT-60 Fusion Torus – In Germany the
Wendelstein 7-X is being built at the IPP, and will be the world’s largest stellarator type fusion device once completed in 2015. There are in fact around 180 conventional tokamak’s, and a further 33 spherical tokamaks either operating or being constructed around the world. Unlike the Laser facilities, tokamaks which were first designed and developed in the 1950’s by the former Soviet Union, use magnetic containment of hot plasma.

In Cadarache Southern France, the ground has been leveled for the building of ITER, a project already 25 years old. ITER is the next-generation experimental tokamak (replacing JET) designed to reach temperatures of 150 million°C. The Vacuum vessel at the heart of the reactor will weigh 5,000 tonnes, and once completed the facility is designed to produce 500MW at an estimated cost of 20 billion dollars. It is unlikely to see “first plasma” until 2019 and usable power to the grid may not happen before 2040. The project is being funded by a global consortium. (China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the USA and the EU)

The Con-fusion story began in 1923 before the discovery of deuterium, when 2 Austrian scientists, Paneth & Peters announced they had achieved fusion (using a palladium electrode & heavy water – a cold fusion/electrolysis method) only later to retract the claim.

An event that resonated into the future when in 1989 Pons and Fleischmann held a press conference and told the world an almost identical tale. With a small inexpensive tabletop device, fueled by seawater a virtually limitless new source of energy is possible – Room temperature Cold fusion went viral, and was then murdered. (2o years later and with a little re-branding as low energy nuclear reactions – LENR – thousands of scientists worldwide are hard at work)

After WWII there was the statement made by the Government of Argentina in 1951 in Buenos Aires – (to the Argentine press only) after Ronald Richter had convinced Juan Peron to initiate and fund (to the tune of hundreds of million dollars) the island based, Huemul Project – utilizing perhaps a lithium-deuterium-boron shock wave – standing-wave containment/reaction. (a precursor to sonofusion?)

“On February 16, 1951, on the… Isla Huemul… thermonuclear reactions under controlled conditions were performed on a technical scale”

The International scientific community were skeptical and demanded rigorous proof, which was not forthcoming, as Richter never publicly published any of his work – which had begun in 1942 (Thuringia, Germany) Peron then has the project shut-down, after being advised that it is nothing more than a fraud – However, some have suggested that this entire project was in actual fact just cover for the continuation of an existing AEG Nazi project that had been transplanted from Europe before the fall of the Reich.
(Maybe a contained rotating plasma being stressed by pulsed electrical energy to tap the zero point fieldNot Nuclear fusion at all)

The road to Fusion has been a long and rather confusing one, there are the multi-billion dollar state sponsored mega-projects spanning decades – which were preceded by numerous machines and techniques “Magnetic mirror” – “Pinch Machine” – “Perhapsatron” – “Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly – “Scylla” – ” Cold Fusion” – “Bubble fusion” – while on the other hand eighteen amateurs have achieved the feat at home on a shoestring…. (no Government funds, teams of crack scientists or massive engineering required) Lets not forget that earlier this year North Korea also claimed to have achieved the goal.

“The successful nuclear fusion by our scientists has made a definite breakthrough towards the development of new energy and opened up a new phase in the nation’s development of the latest science and technology”
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Modern civilization was erected on pagan gnosis, in our profane linear moment we forget the transformational progression, the path obscured.

During the Mycenean age, and for over 2,000 years at the Eleusinian Telesterion, the autumnal Mystai (sometimes numbering in the thousands) encountered the ethereal transcendental – An ancient rite – the temporary extraction of confined spirit from matter, revealing the nature of being, fear not physical death, reascend eternal immortal consciousness. like the older mysteries of Samothrace, some say there is an Eastern origin to the Eleusinian mysteries, reminiscent of those from India’s asramas, or Persian and Chaldean Magi, others say this esoteric institution originated from the Atlanteans, who had established many mystery schools to meet the great need.

Any soul who spoke Greek could once in their life, fast, purify in clay and water, celebrate, make sacrifice, compete, and finally ingest the sacred Kykeon to experience the ecstatic. (The exact nature of the substance taken is still not clear, however it was obviously some hallucinogenic mushroom, herb, root or plant – Recall the Gaelic “fairy rings” where mushrooms grow, mirroring the spiraling mycelium network below – A world away in Central America, mushroom cults dot the continent. One may also travel the path to the Indo-Aryans & Indo-Iranians, to explore, Soma, as described in the Rig Veda – Soma is celebrated in a 120 hymns – again almost certainly a psychoactive botanical – tropane derivative)

The harnessing of tonal invocation, low chants echoing the Brahmen breath, was integral to the set and setting during the experience. Once the 9 days were complete, the ritual closed with the Sanskrit phrase “Konx Om Pax”.

Well, all this ended as the shadow of Christianity descended, Theodosius II banished paganism from the Roman Empire, and in 529 AD, Justinian closed Plato’s Academy – Solemn rites and themes were grafted, sacred sites appropriated, the magic of the mystery recast, the light withdrawn.

“There are, scattered throughout the world, a handful of thoughtful and solitary students, who pass their lives in obscurity, far from the rumors of the world, studying the great problems of the physical and spiritual universes. They have their secret records in which are preserved the fruits of the scholastic labors of the long line of recluses whose successors they are. The knowledge of their early ancestors, the sages of India, Babylonia, Nineveh, and the imperial Thebes; the legends and traditions commented upon by the masters of Solon, Pythagoras, and Plato, in the marble halls of Heliopolis and Sais; traditions which, in their days, already seemed to hardly glimmer from behind the foggy curtain of the past; — all this, and much more, is recorded on indestructible parchment, and passed with jealous care from one adept to another“– Isis Unveiled

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The far future of exoplanet direct characterization (pdf file)

“For the one or two next centuries, one can reasonably anticipate that first high resolution spectroscopy and then high angular direct imaging will improve considerably our knowledge of nearby exoplanets and possible global biomarkers. For the latter approach, large interferometers will be inevitable. The highly desirable next step would be to have a direct visual access to the morphology of hypothetical life forms on these planets.
Unfortunately technological obstacles will lead to a frustrating period of many centuries before one can realize this hope and we are perhaps as far from this epoch than Epicurus was far from seeing the first other worlds when, 23 centuries ago, he predicted the existence of these planets (Epicurus 300 BC)”

To Boldly Go: A One-Way Human Mission to Mars (pdf file)

“A human mission to Mars is technologically feasible, but hugely expensive requiring enormous financial and political commitments. A creative solution to this dilemma would be a one-way human mission to Mars in place of the manned return mission that remains stuck on the drawing board. Our proposal would cut the costs several fold but ensure at the same time a continuous commitment to the exploration of Mars in particular and space in general. It would also obviate the need for years of rehabilitation for returning astronauts, which would not be an issue if the astronauts were to remain in the low-gravity environment of Mars. We envision that Mars exploration would begin and proceed for a long time on the basis of outbound journeys only. A mission to Mars could use some of the hardware that has been developed for the Moon program. One approach could be to send four astronauts initially, two on each of two space craft, each with a lander and sufficient supplies, to stake a single outpost on Mars. A one-way human mission to Mars would not be a fixed duration project as in the Apollo program, but the first step in establishing a permanent human presence on the planet. The astronauts would be re-supplied on a periodic basis from Earth with basic necessities, but otherwise would be expected to become increasingly proficient at harvesting and utilizing resources available on Mars. Eventually the outpost would reach self-sufficiency, and then it could serve as a hub for a greatly expanded colonization program. There are many reasons why a human colony on Mars is a desirable goal, scientifically and politically. The strategy of one-way missions brings this goal within technological and financial feasibility. Nevertheless, to attain it would require not only major international cooperation, but a return to the exploration spirit and risk-taking ethos of the great period of Earth exploration, from Columbus to Amundsen, but which has nowadays being replaced with a culture of safety and political correctness”

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Mystics, Maxwell & the Mystery

The Demon and the Quantum: From the Pythagorean Mystics to Maxwell’s Demon and Quantum Mystery 2nd Edition 2010

“New in paperback, this book explains the connection between Maxwell’s Demon and the role of the observer and quantum eraser, showing that information science, thermodynamics and quantum physics are closely related. By focusing on entropy, information, and observation, the authors bring a unique perspective to this subject, providing an insight into the strange ways of the quantum that will fascinate scientists and lay readers alike.  Mathematical formulae have been removed and replaced by a history of famous Erwin Schrodinger”


Table of Contents

1. Mathematics, Mysticism, and more
2. Mass in Motion
3. From Engines to Entropy: Carnot and Clausius develop the Yardstick of Engine Efficiency
4. From Statistical Entropy to Statistical Time: Thermodynamics evolves from being an Engineers’ Tool to becoming a Philosophers’ Gold Mine
5. Maxwell’s Demon leads us to combine Consciousness, Entropy, and Information
6. Quantum Mechanics I: From Micromagnets to Micromasers
7. Using Quantum Mechanics to Resolve the Maxwell Demon Paradox
8. Quantum Mechanics II: The Wave Side of Particles and the Particle Side of Waves
9. From Wigner’s Friend to Quantum Erasure: Of Wigner’s Friends and their Amnesia
10. On Quantum Mechanics and the Big Questions
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Tunguska & the Ether

At 0:14:28 UT on June 30, 1908, an event took place, that resulted in the radial leveling of 80 million trees over 2,150 km² of the Siberian Taiga. Although a century has since passed, there is still considerable debate regarding what in fact occurred. The standard model theorizes the hypersonic entry into the Earth’s atmosphere of a comet/asteroid fragment resulting in a 10-15 megaton air-burst at 28,000 feet. The subsequent seismic wave produced by the aerial shock wave hitting the surface caused an earthquake that registered 4.5-5 on the Richter scale. Extraterrestrial Physics & Space Science

Anomalous electromagnetic effects were registered at Irkutsk with variations of up to 70 nano-teslas in the Earth’s magnetic field recorded for 4 hours after the event. (similar results have been recorded from high altitude nuclear detonations) The barometric pressure was also mapped from meteorological stations located across Siberia, Russia and into Western Europe. It was nearly 2 decades before the first expedition to successfully reach the remote site in 1927 by L. Kulik took place. Kulik’s first objective was to locate the impact crater at the epicenter, and identify/sample the remains. However he was unable to find the crater, and digging for fragment material (nickel, iron or stone) to a depth of 118 feet also produced no results – the mystery began & continues.

There have also been a suite of alternative theories put forward to try to explain the anomalies in the standard model, from mini black holes, antimatter, distressed nuclear powered alien craft, and rare tectonic phenomena etc. All of which are really not convincing.

However, there are a few who have suggested that what actually took place may have been the result of technology testing by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – directed energy from the Wardenclyffe facility on long Island – New York. The purpose of the 187 ft tower (120 ft shaft and subterranean tunnel system) was to facilitate wireless communications & transmission of energy by simultaneous vibrations of the ionosphere and the planet.

“It is perfectly practical to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible. … But when unavoidable [it] may be used to destroy property and life. The art is already so far developed that the great destructive effects can be produced at any point on the globe, defined beforehand with great accuracy” – NT – New York Times, Dec. 8, 1915, pg. 8.

Much of Tesla’s work (not based in quantum mechanics or relativismbut rather a theory of acoustic resonators by Helmholtz and a modified ether model derived from Kelvin – Tesla viewed the ether as a unified undifferentiated field) is still classified, remaining carefully sealed off from not only public view, but also the academic establishment. (But not the black world of military scientific R&D) There is no doubt that scalar electromagnetic technology has been developed, tested and deployed by a number of nations – while others seek it – the direct result of ideas that Tesla envisioned a century ago.

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Big Thinking?

Due for completion in 2022 the next generation SKA (Square Kilometre Array) once constructed will be 2 orders of magnitude larger than any pre-existing instrument and the most sensitive multi-beaming radio telescope anywhere on the planet. The mega-project if built will consist of 3,000 distributed dishes spiraling out over an entire continent (Australia or South Africa) with further units being added to the array around the world (Very Long Baseline Interferometry of up to 8,000 miles) – thus providing an unparalleled field of view, angular resolution and flexibility – assuring future transformational science, with the rate of discovery in astronomy and physics continuing.

The 15M dishes will attenuate the mid to high frequency range of the spectrum, while the low frequency observations will be done with both static dense and sparse planar aperture arrays. (with electronically steered beam) The high data bandwidth fiber linking the elements together will almost certainly be utilized for other geophysical sensors, as well as commercial clients, adding to the value of the network.

The SKA will be so sensitive that for the first time we will be able to detect “Leakage” from technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations – driving the current Seti search into unknown territory. Other areas that will be opened up by the new instrument will be cosmic magnetism, a three-dimensional mapping of galaxies, (21 cm emission) probing dark energy, recording snapshots for the time-line of “re-ionization”.

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At some moment in the past our immediate ancestors stumbled upon the tryptamine doorway, and shed the mundane physical and temporal plain, to traverse parallel realms and commune with the other. It appears that they then downloaded and returned from these early explorations with a fully developed Art, that directed the future course of development – From the monumental work discovered in 1940 at the interconnected series of caves at Lascaux (dating back 18,000 years to the last Ice-age) to the modern magic in the Peruvian Amazon of Pablo Amaringo, there is an unbroken line of shamanic evolutionary transformation and visionary gnosis.

However as we continue our physical expansion – we tend to alter/destroy rather than cherish/enhance our link to the archaic – The cave in France has now been closed for nearly 50 years, while conservation efforts since 2000 has actually radically changed the internal micro-climate, threatening the viability of the site. Deep in the Amazonian jungle, major corporate interests relentlessly exploit the biological resources for profit – An alien mechanistic predator eviscerating the host.

The 20th Century turned out to be a frenetic march of madness, orchestrated by a nameless/faceless few intent on immortality. The cost to the future can not be underestimated – The scientific adventure has resulted in the genomes of the species on the planet being compromised – A now toxic bio-film unable to adapt, the chemical balance of the atmosphere in flux. We are a World away from symbiosis with nature that ensures our survival – fatally disconnected from the timeless universal mystery that birthed us.

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